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History of Grace Biblical College

GBIAS was founded in 2018 under the leadership of Bishop Dr. Benny Sloan for the purpose of training and equipping the people of God. My goal is to help the Body of Christ to find strong and effective leaders that will impact the world.
It has always been my dream and vision to teach others before serving as Dean of the North Carolina Living Water Biblical Institute. I was inspired to walk out on faith by the leadership of the Holy Spirit to start my very own biblical school after much prayer. As I took the first initiative step the doors where being open wide.
I give God all the glory and the praise and honor as he allows me to see my vision come true. I knew then it was God who gave the final approver for my school, it was a rough journey getting here but look at God. We are here to help advance the Kingdom of God in training the body of Christ to go forward and to preach and teach the word of God.
Our vision is to see that this biblical school go beyond the Carolinas and to reach out as far as God will allow us to go. We are in the last days and souls are hungry for the word and now is the time to make disciple so that they can go forward in making disciples to enhance the Kingdom of God.

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Our mission is to reach as many believers and unbelievers as possible for the equipping and edifying of the Body of Christ. That they may become one as they go forward, With changing the world through the Word of God.

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There are many colleges and universities in the United State that award academic credits and degrees based solely upon:

⦁    Transfer of credits from other schools
⦁    Documented life work learning experiences
⦁    Passing proficiency examinations
⦁    Writing a thesis and or Dissertation

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A Classroom Lecture

Without any course work whatsoever!

Your life work experience and credits will determine your degree that will be offer to you
These schools of higher education appropriately grant “Advanced Standing” upon satisfactory evaluation of a student’s previous study and life work learning.
Grace Biblical College is happy to do the same in order that you may join many others across the nation in attaining your degree goals in record time and save a lot of money. This widespread practice is based upon the simple premise that a person should get credit what already know.
Learning doesn’t take place just in a cubicle or only from courses. One can acquire great spiritual insights without ever setting foot on a college campus. In fact, most of what you know came to you outside a formal classroom sitting. The whole world is your university, and everything you see, hear, or do can be an education experience. 
Jesus showed that all life is a seminary and the Holy Spirit is our Instructor. The best learned lessons are intertwined in our daily walk with the Lord. Granting credit for life work is founded upon the old proverb, “Experience is the best teacher”. You can learn more about preaching, than from sitting around with an outdated text on homiletics. The idea of on the job training use to be called apprenticeship.
Therefore, our approach to higher education is that if you have acquired Biblical knowledge and ministerial skills, you’re entitled to receive credit for it.  It’s not necessary to retrace foundational doctrinal teaching, which you already know. If you qualify for advance status, you can skip one, two, or even three levels of our courses.
When you receive a degree for your past studies and life work, it is not considered an HONORARY degree but an EARNED degree.

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