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Matthew 2.6

Christ was not of royal blood or dynastic inheritance. He was not born in comfort accompanying with fanfare, but humbly in a stable, to parents of modest means. Yet he has come to govern the hearts of men, ruling not through fear but through the message of love and redemption. When Jesus rode into Jerusalem upon a donkey, he was showing its inhabitants not the King they expected, but the one they needed; a man embodying the word of peace, where all were equal in the eyes of the Lord. Not a ruler over men, but a ruler over hearts.

God, King over men, I thank you for your Son, born of Mary by your blessing. Grant us too, our humility. Let us not wander far from our fellow man, in pursuit of power, or in greed for domination over others. Liberate instead, my Lord, our hearts to become your servants. For you are our only true ruler, and Christ our guide towards your perfection. Amen.

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