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John 6:21

Jesus appears to His disciples here to comfort them in a storm out at sea. His words here, reverberate with many have already heard at various times throughout the Bible. The designated title of “It is I”, brings Him in close alliance with His Holy Father, who often announced His presence thus to His prophets. On the other hand, His command "be not afraid" is a phrase often echoed, as previous passages have shown. With this, a miracle is accomplished, and the disciples immediately arrived on the shore in safety, delivered from fear.

God my Lord in Heaven, I come to praise Your only begotten Son, and the message he brought of Your salvation and mercy. Reach out to me within the darkest of storms, to calm the seas and bring me safely ashore. Grant me the knowledge that if I am safe and sound, it is by Your will and hand. For Your word is my guide and my redemption, forever and ever, Amen.

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