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Pray for Them. Matthew 5:44

Is there someone who has hurt you or irritated you? If so, have you prayed for that person. Usually, the last thing we do for such individuals is intercede in their behalf. The temptation is usually to gossip or backbite But have you ever considered why that's true? Of course, this is the natural response of our fallen nature, but there's actually an even more ominous force at work. Our adversary, the devil, wants to keep strife brewing in the lives of the believers. The enemy realizes that intercessory prayer is the supernatural weapon that can tear down strongholds of anger, bitterness, and hurt. As long as we refuse to pray for those who wounded us, he continues to have a foothold and can undermine your Effectiveness for God's Kingdom. By making sure you don't pray for the offender, he keeps you mired down and unlikely to grow in Christ's likeness So rather than attacking those who hurt you, mount an assault on the an evil one through regular, sincere, forgiving, and loving intercession. Your petition can spell the difference between freedom and bondage for you and for them. Jesus, I pray for those who hurt me help me understand where they are coming from and how to minister to them. Amen

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