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Say Thank you

As small children we were all taught to say please and thank you, but as adults we sometimes forget. This psalm reminds us that we owe God a thank you for everything we have. Gratitude is so important but we often forget that it is God who provides us with what we need. When things go wrong, or when we want something, we have no problem asking God to intervene and provide us with what we want. We sometimes get upset with God when things don’t go the way we wanted, when God says no or maybe later, but how often do we remember to say thanks? When things are going smoothly, we also can forget about God. Do we ever think that things going smoothly is a result of God’s goodness? I try very hard to remember to say thanks every night before going to sleep. I find it a habit I have developed over the years thanks to my grandmother and if I forget, I wake up later as if she’s prompting me from heaven! God is not going to strike me with lightening if I forget, but I know that my life is more peaceful when I remember. Gratitude is a habit we should all develop and it helps us recognize how much more we have than how much we lack. It helps us focus on the positive rather than the negative and that leads to a more joyous life. We all know that God has saved us, but do we also think about the small gifts he gives us each day? Let’s always remember to say thank you.

Prayer: Lord you give us so much. It’s easy to think that the small victories we have each day are of our own doing, but without you, we can do nothing. Thank you for your abiding presence. Amen.

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