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You Need Help

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

You need help. We all do. This isn't a sign of weakness it's a spiritual reality. And it is why God is giving the Holy Spirit to indwell us. In fact, telling us about his provision was Jesus way of informing us of one of the most profound truth concerning Christian life- it's impossible. The light Jesus expects from his father's is unattainable apart from his intervention. This is good news for you today. God doesn't expect you to face what's before you on your own He knows it's unfeasible in your strength, so He sens His Holy Spirit to do His work in you empowering you conforming you to the image of Christ, and guiding you into your daily life. So what should you do? Be aware of his presence and activities how he convicts you of sin, prompts you to act, and enables you supernaturally with wisdom, energy, and talent you don't have within yourself. When you know what to look for, you will be amazed at how real the holy spirit will become to you. So accept the help that's been giving you and rejoice that the one who accompanied you can anything Jesus, thank you for your Holy Spirit, and power me to do your will amen.

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